Our church is located in Janesville, Wi and is an Assembly of God Church. We are a Bible believing church that embraces the Book of Acts. We believe that Christ is the Son of the Living God. We believe He died as an Atonement for our Sins. By His Resurrection we are overcomers and by His Stripes we are healed.  We believe that Christ is coming again and that He will judge the quick and the dead.

What to Expect

What to expect – expect a warm greeting – a family atmosphere – and casual dress.  If you come between 9AM and 10AM, you will also be able to enjoy a snack and coffee or tea while getting to meet the members of the church.  The service consists of songs of praise and worship before the sermon and discussion groups afterwards.  We embrace the gifts of the Spirit, which means that we lift our hands in praise, we might speak in tongues and we expect miracles to happen.  We are dedicated to growth and transformation.  We seek God’s presence not only in church, but in our everyday life.  We hope you join us and allow Christ’s Spirit into your lives so you may feel the joy of the Lord and the peace that goes beyond understanding.

Along the Way Feb 18th 2018 by Sharon Yocom

The Blessing of No

Recently I was talking to a group of children about Heaven. They asked me if there was television or video games in Heaven and I said I didn’t believe that Heaven had either of them.  The children then said they didn’t want to go if there was nothing to do.  As I later pondered their words I thought that I should have told them of all the wonders of Heaven, but honestly I was surprised by what they said and didn’t know what to say.  Now more time has passed and I realize that the problem is even deeper than I originally thought.  They haven’t been really blessed.  I’m a lot older so my parents blessed me regularly with the NO blessing.  I wanted to learn to play a musical instrument in grade school but NO we couldn’t afford it.  I wanted to learn to dance but it was just plain NO.  There were certain toys or candy or whatever that I wanted at that particular time and moment that the answer was NO.  They paid their bills on time, they provided shelter, food, and love and sometimes they blessed us by saying NO to all our various wants.  We wanted a lot of things and we got some things but never everything we wanted.  They did indeed bless us, if it was really important we learned to go out and earn the money to buy it ourselves.  We learned the value of work.  More importantly we learned that the world and our parents were not there to supply our every need or want.  The truth is the world and our parents can never do that.  Our deepest and most profound need can only be supplied through a deep and lasting relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We cannot expect the world or the people around us to fill that deep longing.  They will never be able to.  Every human being is born with a need for God but not everyone has been blessed enough to realize that all our needs cannot be met by this world.

Everly's Verse of Worship

Written for a friend, Carol Miles, because she is emotional and cries easily.


Angels Are Crying

The angels in heaven are crying today

‘Cause you didn’t take time out to pray.

You went on your way, with no thought of the Lord

And the angels began crying with one accord.

The angels in heaven are crying today;

You forgot about God as you went on your way.

You didn’t take time the Bible, to read

And you didn’t tell Jesus about your great need

Or thank Him for the blessings you daily receive.

May 19, 1987


  • Harold Thorne

    Very well done. I love our church.

    • 8:41 PM - April 16, 2017

  • Art & yvette macias

    Looking for a church to visit while in town. We will be in attendance this Sunday. God bless.

    • 6:05 PM - September 23, 2016

  • Beth Rossignol

    Great website!!!! My family came from the east coast and we love it at Christ the Rock. We were welcomed on our first visit. We are a family at the Rock.

    • 4:38 PM - May 22, 2016

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